How to Remove Smoke Odor

Hospital to Ban Smoke Odor on Workers' Clothes

Hopital Bans Smoke Odor on ClothesJust when you thought you were living in a free country...

The article in this link is the very reason we created GoneSmoke. Until you can quit, or choose to quit, Get GoneSmoke and Keep your Civil Liberties.

Woman Gets Fired for a Shocking Reason

Woman Fired for Shocking ReasonThis IS America, right? Land of the free... This lady may have to disagree with you. Click on the picture to check out her story

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How to Get Rid of Cigarette Odors

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From Wildfires to Campfires

Whatever the source of smoke odor, whether it's a benign campfire or a debilitating wildfire, often the smell of the smoke can be unbearable. Smoke odor in clothes is one thing, but smoke odor permeating your entire home is another matter all together.

The Call to Action? Get Rid of the Smoke Smell. The Question is, How?

Once upon a time, a friend had a fire in their home. The fire was small, but the odor was huge and they desperately needed something to kill the horrific smoke odor that seemed to crawl into every molecule in their furniture, clothes, carpet and ductwork.

So we developed BIG GoneSmoke.

We knew that nothing currently on the market would do the job of removing smoke odor in our friend's home. Already we invented GoneSmoke Personal for Hair and clothes, but we knew many others would need BIG GoneSmoke and a lot of it.

And did we ever put it to the test!

California wildfire neighbor Sandy Trest used BIG GoneSmoke after wildfires got too close to her home. "You could smell smoke everywhere you went in our house," she said. "It was sickening. But I triedB BIG GoneSmoke and I was literally amazed! I never had anything work so good!" Sandy's a loyal GoneSmoke customer and believer.

Sandy, like most of our BIG GoneSmoke customers, sprayed BIG GoneSmoke into her A/C intake vent. This is a crucial step for ridding a house of smoke odors. You can remove it from surfaces within the home, but if you don't treat the ductwork, the odor just keeps recurring unless you kill it with BIG GoneSmoke. Beacuse it's so dry, GoneSmoke is the only effective option for treating ductwork without hiring a company at a high price to clean the ductwork which often does not remove the odor.

Many whose homes have been spared in the Texas Wildfires have already contacted us for BIG GoneSmoke and we're continuing to receive feeback on the relief it's giving. "My house smells like home again," one lady said, who wishes to remain anonymous.

So once again, the Call to Action? Get Rid of the Smoke Smell. The Question is, How? The ANSWER: BIG GoneSmoke.

BREAKING NEWS! GoneSmoke Auto Fogger now Bigger, Better than ever!

Kill Smoke and other odors in your car with the GoneSmoke Auto FoggerWe have exciting news here at
We've made the GoneSmoke Auto Fogger a full 3 oz. so it will kill any odor in your car, truck, SUV, RV, small rooms and more! We recommend you set off the GoneSmoke Auto Fogger after the car has been thoroughly cleaned on the inside and before several hours before use (ie. overnight) to keep all of the product inside the vehicle for maximum odor elimination.

Make sure the engine is running (and it's in "PARK") and the A/C is set on Recirculate.  Simply set the GoneSmoke Auto Fogger in the middle of your vehicle in a low spot, "lock down" the trigger, exit the vehicle and close doors (making sure doors are UNlocked). Wait at least five minutes, even 10 if possible. Turn the engine off. Leave the vehicle closed for as long as possible before use for maximum effectiveness. And voila! No odor, no film, just a fresh, renewed, like-new vehicle!

Couldn't Have Said It Better...

BIG GoneSmoke for BIG OdorsWe couldn't write this better ourselves! Customers are our most valuable source of Quality Assurance. Read on...

Patricia writes:

After seeing your product online , I was very skeptical since I have tried many products before that claimed to actually get rid of smoke odors.  I was totally amazed.  I first tried it at home.

After I saw what a great job it did, I decided to try it at work.  I manage a truck-stop & casino.  We constantly have customers in the casino complaining of the heavy smoke odors.
Without telling anyone, I sprayed the casino area and was immediately hearing comments from employees and customers alike.  They were all saying how good the casino smelled and they could not smell smoke at all and people were smoking at the time.

I do not have a wholesaler in my area but would like to carry your product in the truck stop as well as buy in bulk for our use in the casino.  Please send me info on how I can buy your product at wholesale.



Patricia Bourg, General Manager

Sunshine Truck & Casino Plaza"

Thank you, Patricia!

Save Money, Save Time!

GoneSmoke for Hair and ClothesSo, I was talking to a lady the other day about GoneSmoke, and she, like so many, said, "Well, I don't smoke. And I don't know anyone who smokes." But then I asked her, "Have you ever had smoke or other undesirable odors in your hair and clothes? Do you wish for a quick, easy remedy without having to take a shower and launder or dry clean your clothes?"

Of course, she said yes.

We all have had unpleasant odors in our hair or clothes for various reasons. And we want a quick, easy way to get rid of those odors.

Now there's GoneSmoke , the FIRST Personal Smoke Odor Eliminator created for hair and clothes. The dry, aerosol formula saves you time and save you money because you can spray it over any fabric and completely remove all odors.


And we stand behind GoneSmoke 100%.  It is GUARANTEED to work. We hear from customers everyday about how amazing GoneSmoke is!

Try it today. Smoker, non-smoker, it doesn't matter. We all need GoneSmoke Personal Smoke 'n' Odor Elimiator.

GoneSmoke....Because It's Personal .

GoneSmoke is in 10 of the TOP TWELVE Distributors Across the U.S.! (And 15 of the top 25)

Great  News, Everyone! If you're a convenience store retailer in the U.S., chances are GonGoneSmoke 2010 National U.S. DistributorseSmoke is in your Distributor. See the picture below to find the item and vendor numbers.

The GoneSmoke Personal Bullet  solves a social problem that has been around as long as people have been smoking:  How to eliminate the smell of smoke from hair and clothes without having to change or bathe.  We find that smokers and non-smokers of all ages use GoneSmoke.  

Spinx  , a 70+ store chain in Upstate SC, has been selling GoneSmoke for about a year and a half using a DSD.  Earlier this year, thay asked Bic to design a new lighter rack with  space available for GoneSmoke. (see picture above).   McLane supplies GoneSmoke to Spinx now, for a more consistent product availability to their customers.   The racks just arrived in the stores within the last month, and movement is  6 bullets per week per store and growing.   


GoneSmoke is a dry, discreet, effective spray designed specifically for hair and clothes: There is no other product like GoneSmoke on the market.

All GoneSmoke product is made in the USA.  VOC compliant.  MSRP is $2.99.  Your margin (depending on your distributor) will be around 45%.    

So what are you waiting for!?

Contact your distributor today to get GoneSmoke to your customers!

GoneSmoke is Going to NACS!

GoneSmoke at NACS Booth 4933GoneSmoke makes it's second appearance at the National Association of Convenience Stores Show October 5-8 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. You'll find us in Booth #4933, the Consolidated Sales Network (CSN) Booth. Be sure to come by for your free sample and to find out more about getting GoneSmoke in your store! (*Be sure to see the last blog entry and look for your distributor's name and link.)

What makes GoneSmoke different? Because GoneSmoke is a dry aerosol designed to spray over hair, clothes , car interieors, fabrics and textiles such as upholstery and drapery, it is the first product of its kind. There truly is NO other product on the market like GoneSmoke. Other odor eliminators leave you all wet becuase they are 100% liquid. 

And GoneSmoke is a true odor eliminator, not an air freshener (although it does a great job freshening the air!). Whatever odor challenges you face, GoneSmoke will get them out (even cat urine!). 

GoneSmoke is the ideal tobacco accessory and fits great on your lighter racks. The more non-smoking laws take effect across the country and world, the more your smoking customers know the value of not smelling like smoke. Even your non-smoking customers are glad to have it to remove food odors, second-hand smoke odors and save money on dry-clean only garments! Remember, GoneSmoke is safe on ALL fabrics and doesn't spot or stain. Designed to spray over hair and clothes, GoneSmoke is the safest, most effective odor eliminator on the market.

GoneSmoke for Hair & Clothes Removes Smoke Odor for Good!

GoneSmoke Personal is now available in a great little 12-count display...perfect for lighter racks. Many convenience stores are including GoneSmoke on their lighter racks. And why not! A great idea since GoneSmoke is the perfect tobacco accessory...GoneSmoke completely removes smoke smell from hair and clothes. It's dry, discreet, and safe on all fabrics. We were told a lady actually sprayed her wedding dress! Completely safe and effective, GoneSmoke is the FIRST Personal Smoke and Odor Eliminator and leaves no trace of smoke or other odors.

To get GoneSmoke in your store, contact one of the following distributors, or call us direct at 1.800.881.0885:

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S. Abraham & Sons

GoneSmoke...confidence for smokers, relief for non-smokers!